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Installing with pip

Install the most recent stable release of networkx with pip:

pip install networkx

To upgrade to a newer release, use the --upgrade flag:

pip install --upgrade networkx

If you do not have the right permissions to install software systemwide, you can install NetworkX into your user directory using the --user flag:

pip install --user networkx

You can also manually download the networkx repository from GitHub or PyPI. To install one of these versions, unpack it and run the following command from the top-level source directory:

pip install .

Installing with Anaconda

NetworkX is currently available through the Anaconda distribution platform. Miniconda doesn't come with NetworkX by default.

You can install the latest version of NetworkX with:

conda install networkx

If you want to update your current version of NetworkX then run:

conda update networkx

To learn the basics of the most important concepts in NetworkX, head over to the Getting started guide.