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Attribute basics

1. How to store and access node attributes using NetworkX in Python?#

You can add attributes when adding the nodes to the graph:

G.add_node('Person', name='Anna', year_of_birth='1990')

Attributes can also be added as a dictionary:

G.add_node('Person', {'name': 'Anna', 'year_of_birth': 1990})

You can access the attributes just as you would access any dictionary in Python:


2. How to access and change attributes of connected nodes?#

We can use the G.edges() function to get all the edges of a graph and iterate over them. We need to set data=True to access the attributes.

for n1, n2 in list(G.edges(data=True)):    print G.node[n1]['name'], G.node[n2]['name']    print G.node[n1]['year_of_birth'], G.node[n2]['year_of_birth']